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How it works

Give your company the edge

Create amazing experiences for your teams in record time—without thinking once about recruiters or cost.

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Matching platform

HYRE people, not CVs


HYRE is a talent matching platform for junior sales talents. We look beyond the CV to provide a shortlist of the best-fit candidates, saving you time and eliminating biases.

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The best candidates

See beyond the CV


HYRE’s matching science finds the best junior sales candidates and brings their profiles to life, so you can get a real sense of the person before meeting them.

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Save countless hours

Reclaim your time


Take back countless hours lost reviewing CVs and phone screening applications. After candidates apply through HYRE they're assessed and shortlisted, ready for you to connect with within a week.

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Matching Science

Manage bias blind-spots


HYRE's matching science draws on best practice hiring and data principles, leveling the playing field for candidates. HYRE uses structured, anonymised evaluation methodologies, so you can be confident of not leaving behind the right people.

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Save time and money on every junior role

There are always pros and cons - decide for yourself

  • Cost
  • Time spent shortlisting candidates
  • Time to shortlist
  • Shortlisting rigour
  • Unconscious bias
  • Candidate experience


to unlock shortlist

+ hiring fee

  • 30 min reviewing HYRE’s shortlist
  • <1 week from posting a job ad
  • Objective matching science
  • Anonymised assessment
  • Automated applicant feedback

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of internal time

  • ~20 hours of CV and phone screening, internal coordination
  • 3 weeks from posting a job ad
  • Quick CV scan and phone calls
  • CV screening prone to human biases
  • Challenging to be consistent

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per role

  • Many hours of CV screening, coordination, feedback
  • Unreliable
  • Unreliable
  • Prone to human biases
  • Intermediated and unknown
  • Cost
  • Time spent shortlisting candidates
  • Time to shortlist
  • Shortlisting rigour
  • Unconscious bias
  • Candidate experience

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Over 100 junior roles placed.

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Photo of Peter Vesco
Rezolve logo

HYRE is the perfect partner for us to get the right talent quickly and efficiently. Thanks to HYRE's broad talent pool and their digital processes, we are confident to grow quickly in Germany.

Peter Vesco

Chief Commercial Officer & CEO EMEA

@ Rezolve

Photo of Maxim Dick
Enpal Montage GmbH logo

HYRE not only helps us reach hidden talent with their diverse talent pool and digital profiles, but also saves us an enormous amount of time, money and effort with their qualified & pre-selected shortlist. In the end, we gain the right working students, interns and full-time employees month after month.

Maxim Dick


@ Enpal Montage GmbH

Photo of Fritz Cramer
Cosuno logo

As a start-up, we are constantly under pressure to achieve strong growth and ever stronger results with a small team. HYRE ensures that the new junior talents in our sales team are an excellent fit and do excellent work, through a successful pre-selection process.

Fritz Cramer

Founder & MD

@ Cosuno

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