HYRE provides you with the full flexibility to draw on top juniors whenever and however you need a boost. Either through our exclusive short-term professional projects or in regular internship, working student or full-time positions

  • Whichever format you choose, we guarantee matching applicants
  • Choose one of three tiers to precisely cover your junior hiring and selection needs
  • Whichever tier you choose, all sourcing, pre-selection, and related admin processes are handled by us
For small businesses, interim managers & freelancers
  • 0€/mo when position is not active
  • 1 project, internship or working student position
  • Employer brand card
  • 200€ per additional hire
  • €750 per successful full time hire
  • Digital Profiles Only
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Most popular
Accelerate your companies growth
  • 5 projects, internships, or working student positions
  • Targeted Employer brand card
  • 150€ per additional hire
  • €500 per successful full time hire
  • Digital Profiles, Hard Skills
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Solve enterprise scale needs
  • 20 projects/internships/ or working student positions
  • Create custom employer branding
  • 100€ per additional hire
  • 5% of successful full time hires p.a. salary
  • Digital Profiles, Hard Skills, Soft Skills
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Ideal for getting started
  • 2 websites
  • 30 pages
  • 3 website layouts
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Most popular
Ideal for getting started
  • 3 websites
  • 35 pages
  • 6 website layouts
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Ideal for getting started
  • 4 websites
  • 50 pages
  • 9 website layouts
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Custom Tier

In case you have requirements, that go beyond our enterprise tier, we’re happy to provide a custom solution- contact us here
General Subscription Conditions
Included Tools

Interview scheduling; Project tracking & management

Tier Adjustment

Adjust your tier any month; 2-month lock-in when moving down

Employer branding

Continually present your company to tomorrow’s industry leaders and receive detailed insights on the results


Cancel any month; 2-month cancellation period

Our juniors’ hourly project rates

To guarantee that Europe’s top juniors are always available to support you at moment’s notice, we set hourly rates for short-term projects based on their required competencies

Theses rates only apply during you organize through us, of course you set your regular positions’ salaries yourself

Entry Level Tasks

Save your time, have dilligent students handle time consuming tasks such as data entry or research. Your focus should be on making sense of the results

Business Analyst

Having data is not enough- let our juniors structure, analyze and visualize it so that it becomes the valuable information you need to draw the right conclusions

Operational Business Support

Bring in junior experts to set up new processes or provide operation support in any business function. Through experience at top specialists, they'll provide best practices from the get-go

Financial Analyst

Your business' success comes down to the bottom line. Our juniors find the best ways to optimize your results by helping you analyze your financials

Tool enabled Software Development

Juniors with experience in web development and product management will help you guarantee that your online presence reflects the full quality of your services

Custom Software Development

Developing digital offerings was expensive, time consuming and risky. By matching top EU Tech students to your mobile or web-app vision, we ensure that you'll quickly have an effective MVP


Fritz Cramer
Founder & MD at Cosuno

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